CSB2008 Poster Submission Form




Choose topic(s) for abstract (Check all that are applicable)
 Bioenergy  Microarray Data Analysis
 Biological Data Mining and Visualization  Microbial Community Analysis
 Biological Databases  MicroRNA
 Biological Literature Mining  Ontology Development
 Biomedical Applications  Pathways, Networks, Systems Biology
 Chemical Genetics  Promotor Analysis and Discovery
 Comparative Genomics  Protein Structures and Complexes
 Drug Discovery  RNAi Analysis
 Evolution, Phylogenetics, and Phylogenomics  Sequence Alignment
 Executable Biology  Sequence Analysis
 Functional Genomics  SNPs and Haplotyping Analysis
 Gene Function Inference  Synthetic Biological Systems
 Gene Prediction  Translational Research
 High Performance Bio-Computing  Other (Please specify below)
Mathematical and Quantitative Models
of Cellular and Multicellular Systems